Transform how you Contract
(as a Non-Legal Professional)

Stop struggling with Contracts & elevate your Contracting to the next level

Learn about The 7 Pillars of Contracting

Graphic of a temple with 7 pillars. The words "The 7 Pillars of Contracting" and "" are written at the top of the temple. The 7 pillars are written on each pillar, being Contract Planning, Contract Drafting, Contract Review, Contract Negotiation, Contract Management, Contract Disputes, and Contracting Strategies. The words "Sign Contract" are written in the negative space between "Contract Negotiation" and "Contract Disputes". Underneath the pillars, the words "These 7 Pillars help you conceptualise how the different stages of Contracting fit together" are written.
A new way of thinking about Contracts!

Understand how to work with Contracts across the different stages of Contracting.

Conceptualise how each of the 7 Pillars of Contracting fit together. Identify what you need to do in each stage, before and after you sign the Contract.

Learn how to carry out Contract Planning, Contract Drafting, Contract Review, Contract Negotiation, and Contract Management.

Get tips and techniques on how to resolve Contract Disputes.

And understand your organisation's Contracting Strategy, plus learn how to optimise it to improve the bottom line.

Take a look at our useful Checklists, Templates, Guides and EBooks

All original and developed by Rachelle – based on her 23+ years’ experience across multiple industries – to help you work better with contracts as a Non-Legal Professional and save you stress!

Beat the learning curve & gain the skills you need to succeed when working with contracts!

Meet Rachelle


+ you're a Non-Legal Professional who wants to upskill themselves in everything to do with Contracts; or

+ you represent an organisation who needs help to optimise how it uses contracts, train its staff in how to use contracts more efficiently, and fix its Contracting Strategy (to help improve its bottom line),

Rachelle (pronounced "Rachael") would love to help you out.

Profile Photo of Rachelle Hare from Blaze Professional Learning. Stomp on your Imposter Syndrome.

Rachelle Hare
23+ years Strategic Contracting Adviser, Contracts Law
and Construction Law

Image of the front cover of Rachelle Hare's eBook titled "Best Contract Planning and Contract Drafting Tips of 2023 (for Non-Lawyers)"

Claim your Contract Planning and Contract Drafting eBook for Non-Lawyers

15+ pages of essential content for any Contracts Professional or Non-Lawyer who works with contracts. Learn how to carry out your Contract Drafting role, whether you are completing a precedent or instructing a Lawyer to draft a purpose-written contract.

Gain skills in Contract Drafting that nobody will teach you!

Contract Drafting Course: Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers

+ Improve your understanding of contracts and your effectiveness at work

+ Invest in yourself and your career
+ Learn how to draft and work with contracts with ease
+Gain a deeper understanding of how contracts are used in organisations
+Acquire skills for working with Contracts as a Non-Lawyer (and improve your relationship with your Lawyer)
+ Learn the best techniques for drafting contracts when you don’t have a Lawyer
Image of an office desk with a computer. Caption reads, "Contract Drafting Course Fundamentals for Non-Lawyers"

Don’t let inexperience or lack of knowledge of Contract Drafting hold you back

Sign up now and gain the confidence and expertise you need to succeed in your role!

A group of people from a number of different professions, races and abilities

Improve your Professional Development Skills

Because Lawyers aren't the only ones who
work with Contracts!

4 sayings, "Develop your Skills", "Real World Training", "Take Charge of your own Professional Development", and "Enhance your Expertise", each in a different bright colour
Non-Legal Professionals (Leaders, Sales, Commercial, Operational, Procurement, Contract Managers, etc)
You need to learn more about working with contracts to better perform your role (or a new role you’d like to acquire).
Your employer won’t (or can’t) upskill you, so you’re just going to do it yourself!
You’re interested in contracts and how they work, and you want to learn more.

Organisations (Enterprise Solutions)

You want to upskill your management or staff and would like a customised solution to deliver practical training and real results.

Because life's too short for theory!

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