Rachelle Hare


Rachelle specialises in…

  • Drafting Contracts
  • Providing Strategic Legal Advice
  • Drafting Innovative Contracts and Other Legal Documents
  • Construction Law and Major Projects
  • Providing Strategic Procurement Advice and Drafting Procurement Documents
  • Advising in Relation To Contract Management and Contract Administration
  • Risk Analysis and Mitigation
  • Analysing and Advising In Relation To Compliance with Policies and Procedures and Relevant Laws
  • Resolving Problems For Your Organisation

Rachelle Hare

Senior Legal Adviser, Management Consultant and Business Advisor

Rachelle has over 20 years of experience as a senior lawyer specialising in construction law, contracting, major projects, risk, compliance, and procurement for business and government. She is also a strategic management consultant and business adviser, and there is very little about contracts, the practicalities of business and carrying out projects that she doesn’t know.

She has acted as General Counsel, Senior Legal Counsel, Procurement Adviser, Commercial Officer, Contract Administrator, Compliance Manager and Strategic Adviser in different organisations – these roles have given her a depth of experience that is rare for most lawyers.

She has worked in top-tier law firms, government, Tier 1 construction companies (Thiess and Laing O’Rourke) and major providers (Airservices and DHA) in Australia, and she has advised on international construction projects and has provided consulting advice to professionals and organisations around the world. Her knowledge of various industries allows her to effectively contribute to the overall strategic direction and performance of her clients. Rachelle has practiced in industries such as construction, property and development, retirement, government, Defence, ICT, infrastructure, civil, services, mining, water, wastewater and energy and has substantial experience in many forms of project delivery and project delivery methods. 

Rachelle’s firm, Blaze Business & Legal, is an innovative combined management consultancy and law firm in Brisbane, Australia.

She uses her combined strategic advisory, management consultancy and legal skills to help professionals and organisations to:

  • Carry out major projects
  • Manage and mitigate risks
  • Improve their organisations
  • Make their processes more efficient and aligned with best industry practice
  • Resolve problems
  • Improve cross-functional dynamics
  • Improve their bottom line.
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