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I highly recommend the 'Contract Drafting Fundamentals' course offered by Blaze Professional Learning and conducted by Rachelle.

For me it is a must for procurement professionals to learn more and gather insights from a legal professional in the drafting of contract terms and conditions. Rachelle is a gifted instructor who, due to a depth of experience, can relate and advise on a plethora of situations relating to contract formation. Rachelle is very down to earth and is easy to relate to and who explains the various situations clearly and precisely. Great value and allows you a new perspective when viewing contract templates and considering their effectiveness for a particular situation. Thank you Rachelle. Much appreciated.

Image of Richard John Azar

Richard John Azar

Senior procurement specialist, Australia

I highly recommend taking this course.

Instructor Rachelle was awesome, she explained everything very thoroughly and precise, answer all my questions. I recommend this course to in-house legal counsel and any one dealing with contracts.

This course adds so much insight to my daily task. Now i feel more confident in my role as a legal counsel. If you are contemplating whether to take the course or not you shouldn’t hesitate.

You will be very happy you did!!

Alia Abou Hamzeh

Alia Abou Hamzeh

Legal Counsel, Dubai

1. Contract Planning Courses

Contract Planning Masterclass (for Non-Lawyers) Banner, showing Rachelle Hare with the caption, "Contract Planning: The Fundamentals: Learn how to plan the Contract for your Project and work better with your Lawyer." Logo of Blaze Professional Learning

Why should you watch this?

Because how many videos have you seen from Senior Contracts Lawyers with Contracts Professional experience as well, who teach you practically how to work better with your Lawyer and how to carry out the Contract Planning process before you draft a Contract?

NEW!!! 1 hour Contract Planning Fundamentals Masterclass (for Non-Lawyers) 

  • Pre-Recorded Video (with subtitles) - watch it in your own time and understand every word we say!

  • Includes Q&As from original audience members - and extra titbits of information for you!

2. Contract Drafting Courses

I've recently finished carrying out my Contract Drafting Fundamentals Course - 10 sessions relating to Contract Planning and Contract Drafting. I will be making the videos available for you to purchase at an affordable price.

Check out my page on my Contract Drafting Course, and sign up to my Waitlist.

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