Best Contract Planning Resources

Here are some of the best resources on Contract Planning from Blaze Professional Learning:

Image of the front cover of Blaze Professional Learning's Contract Planning Checklist. Title reads, "Contract Planning Checklist. How to Plan your contract step-by-step (for Contracts Professionals)."

Contract Planning Checklist

Use this unique Checklist to help you:

- Understand how to instruct your Lawyer during the Contract Planning phase
- Work better with your Lawyer
- Identify the information you need to obtain during the Project Planning and Contract Planning phases
- Gather the relevant information together for each Project
- Enable a smooth transition from Project Planning, to Contract Planning, to Contract Drafting,

whether or not you have a Law Degree!

Blaze Professional Learning logo on a blue background plus caption that reads, "Contract Planning, the Fundamentals, How to plan the Contract for your project and work better with your Lawyer"

Contract Planning Masterclass (1 hour - For Contracts Professionals and Lawyers)

Learn all about how to plan a Contract during the Contract Planning phase, and how to work better with your counterpart while doing so.

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