No Legal advice is given

This website, any informational products provided to you from this website, and any conversations with, or training provided by, Rachelle Hare are intended for personal training and learning purposes only, and are provided to you on that basis.

Not a Law Firm

Blaze Professional Learning is not a Law Firm, and Blaze Professional Learning and Rachelle Hare do not provide Legal advice under any circumstances. If you wish to obtain Legal advice for you or your organisation, you can contact Rachelle Hare through her Law Firm - Blaze Business & Legal. Unless and until you sign a Disclosure Notice and Costs Agreement with Blaze Business & Legal, you will not be considered a client of Rachelle's Law Firm, and any discussion with you, or training or information provided to you, is provided for informational purposes only.

Training and Learning only

Blaze Professional Learning has been established to provide training and learning to you personally, and not to your organisation. Rachelle would love to advise your organisation in an official Consulting capacity - you can contact her through her website - The Contracting Consultant. Unless you engage Rachelle in writing, agreed to by both parties, to specifically act for your organisation, any information, suggestions, recommendations or advice that you receive from Rachelle or from this website is given generally and is not intended to be advice tailored to your organisation's needs.

No Liability

Blaze Professional Learning, Blaze Legal Pty Ltd (the company behind Blaze Professional Learning) and Rachelle Hare will have no liability to you or your organisation for any information, suggestions, recommendations or advice that you may provide to your organisation following training by Rachelle, a review of any content on this website, or informational products provided to you or which you may purchase.

This disclaimer of all liability applies even if you provide verbatim advice from Rachelle or this website, and even if you ask a specific question to Rachelle about your organisation or its circumstances. While Rachelle will do her best to provide useful initial thoughts in response to any questions, without a full understanding of the relevant circumstances (which can only be gained following engagement of Rachelle as a Consultant, these initial thoughts can only be taken as general comments and not comments to specifically apply to your organisation's circumstances.

Questions are welcome

If, at any time, you are uncertain whether you may rely on any information provided by Rachelle or Blaze Professional Learning, please contact us at enquiry@blazeprofessionallearning.com.au and we will discuss your question.

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