Welcome to Blaze Professional Learning!

Blaze Professional Learning was founded by Rachelle Hare in 2022 to help Professionals to carry out their roles, particularly where no training is given to them. Learn more about Rachelle and her expertise.


Our goal is simple: to help you upskill so you can take your professional career to the next level.


We have a unique approach to our learning activities – we actually teach you the practical stuff!


We know that theory can be boring and reciting case law is a snooze fest. So, we focus on making our lessons and materials useful, practical, and most importantly, enjoyable.


We give you real contracts to practice on and exercises to help you hone your skills. We encourage you to ask questions and we even award bonus points for any that stump us.


You could undertake an MBA or a Diploma of Business Law, and still not learn the practical skills that we teach in our courses. You could take any number of online contract courses, and only learn about theory and offer and acceptance, without even seeing a real contract.


In each of our courses, we give you real contracts to practice on.


And we give you exercises to undertake.


You can seek our feedback.


And sign up to our Group Coaching or Private Coaching sessions to learn even more in a relaxing environment.


Our courses and materials are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned lawyer, a law student, or a non-lawyer. And with a range of prices, including lite courses and payment plans, they’re extremely reasonable. Plus, the value you’ll get from our courses is unbeatable. You’ll have the chance to practice what you’ve learned in real life and get feedback to help you improve, plus take our Workbooks home and continue to practice the skills you’ve just learned.


Want to learn all the tips and tricks that your supervisor knows but won’t teach you?


Want to impress your supervisors with your skills and get a promotion faster?


Want to make sure that you are across the issues when particular types of work hit your desk, whether contracts, negotiations you have to lead, or projects you have to run?


So, if you want to learn all the tips and tricks that your supervisor won’t teach you, impress your supervisors with your skills, or make sure you’re across the issues when certain types of work come your way, look no further than Blaze Professional Learning. Sign up for a course or coaching today and take the first step towards increasing your confidence and advancing your career.


Let’s do this!

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