Contract Planning Checklist (for Non-Lawyers)

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A unique Contract Planning Checklist designed to help Contracts Professionals and Non-Lawyers plan to draft a contract themselves (or work with their Lawyer to do so).

Our Contract Planning Checklist

Are you struggling to create a solid Contract plan for your organisation? Do you find yourself “winging it” when drafting a Contract? Particularly when you don’t have a Law Degree. Or when you are using your organisation’s template or precedent?

If so, we have the perfect solution for you – our unique Contract Planning Checklist!

Purchase our Contract Planning Checklist (for Contracts Professionals and Non-Lawyers). And use it to plan your Contract step-by-step, whether you are drafting the Contract yourself or working with your Lawyer.


Our comprehensive 10-page PDF Checklist is a unique and innovative editable checklist that guides you through the Contract Planning process step-by-step. You can easily fill in the editable PDF questions as a roadmap for planning your Contract in every project you undertake. This will save you time and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your project.

Why is Contract Planning important?

Read our Contract Planning Guide (for Contracts Professionals and Non-Lawyers) to find out more about Contract Planning. It also discusses how important it is to plan your Contract before you begin drafting. In our Contract Planning overview, we  expand on this information.

Without a proper Contract Planning process, there is a strong risk that the Contract will not meet the organisation’s needs or adequately protect them from risk. Read why Contract Planning is essential, and why it is part of The 7 Pillars of Contracting.

Who is the Contract Planning Checklist meant for?

We drafted our Contract Planning Checklist specifically for Instructing Officers, Contracts Professionals, Project Managers and other Non-Lawyers.

What is included in the Checklist?

The editable fields in the questions enable you to include relevant information for each project. The template lists the questions to be asked and the information to be gathered by the Instructing Officer for each project.

We have included in this Checklist the information that an Instructing Officer will need to either draft the Contract themselves based on a precedent or template, or to work with their Lawyer to draft the Contract.

The Contract Planning Checklist includes a comprehensive list of issues you need to consider before drafting a Contract.

This includes identifying the scope of the Contract, defining the roles and responsibilities of each party, and identifying any potential risks or liabilities. It also includes setting out the payment terms, and ensuring that the Contract complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

This is a unique and valuable tool that you won’t find elsewhere on the internet.

So purchase your Contract Planning Checklist today, and use it for every project you work on afterwards!


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