15 Reasons why Lawyers and Contracts Professionals should Plan a Contract

Do many Professionals plan Contracts?

Out of 249 Contracts Professionals surveyed, 86% indicated that they either don’t plan a Contract before drafting, or that they don’t know how to plan a Contract.

Whose job is it to plan the Contract?

Of those 86%, over half (50%+) believed that it was the Lawyer’s job to plan the Contract, not the role of the Contracts Professional.

Why you should plan a Contract before drafting

There are many reasons why you should plan a Contract before you begin drafting. Here are some of the main ones:


Key Benefits of Contract Planning



Increases Efficiency

Proper planning and preparation saves time in the long run and minimises unforeseen issues.


Improves Procurement Outcomes

Better terms, identified risks, and maximum benefit for both parties.


Clears Obligations and Rights

All parties have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.


Reduces Risk of Disputes

Identifies potential conflicts and misunderstandings before they become a problem.


Achieves Goals

Opportunity to set goals and determine terms that will help reach those goals.


Meets Parties’ Needs

Ensures agreement meets the needs of all parties involved.


Clarifies Expectations

Communicates responsibilities to all parties and increases chances of success.


Addresses Risks

Identifies potential risks and includes clauses to address them.


Proactive Anticipation

Anticipates potential issues and includes clauses to address them.


Compliant with Laws

Ensures compliance with local, state, and federal laws.


Better Negotiations

Facilitates better negotiation and decision making.


Builds Relationships

Helps build a better business relationship between parties.


Enhances Legal Protection

Comprehensive and up-to-date contracts enhance legal protection.


Increases Success Chances

Increases the chances of a successful outcome and provides peace of mind.


Offers Flexibility

Provides flexibility in case of changes.

Check out our Contract Planning Guide for more information about:

  1. Contract Planning;
  2. Why Contract Planning is so important;
  3. How to plan a Contract (whether you are a Contracts Professional or a Lawyer); and
  4. How to work with your Lawyer to plan the Contract.

Are you ready to plan your next Contract? 

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